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For the first time in Bihar, a new REVOLUTIONARY, State-of-the-Art concept for Cleaning and Disinfection of your Drinking Water Tanks is available with..


How TANK CLEAN™ works?

In the first stage, the manhole and the surroundings are cleaned off dirt, mud, and algae. Post this; the water below the foot-valve level is pumped out using special de-watering types of equipment.

In the second stage, as the name says, the sludge which has settled on the floor of the tank is pulled out using our special sludge pumping equipment.

The third stage involves thorough cleaning of the walls & ceiling of the tank using special high-pressure jet cleaners which remove calcinations off the walls and help get rid of algae and other contaminants which cling to the internal surface of the tank and lead to microbiological growth.

The Fourth stage is characterized by Vacuum Cleaning wherein an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is used to eliminate the resultant contaminants, making the tank absolutely speck-free.

The fifth stage is a crucial stage as the walls & ceiling of the tank is made totally sterile from bacterial attack using specially developed Anti-bacterial treatment.

Final sterilization and disinfection are done in the sixth stage. UV Radiation is utilized by a specially developed UV Radiator which is used to kill any suspended or floating bacteria remaining in the tank.

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  • Bihar’s Fastest Emerging BRAND in mechanized cleaning & disinfection of water storage Tanks

  • Process carried out by specially rained and organized hygienic and professional Team

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company

  • Trade Mark ™ Brand

  • Approvals & Recognitions from large & corporate clients consistently




Manual Cleaning

Use of trained, neatly uniformed, medically fit technicians.

No such use.

No use of any hazard chemicals for cleaning.

Use of hazard chemicals like Acid, Phenyl, Detergent Powder

Mechanically Cleaned with imported equipments hence less time taken.

Manually cleaned for hours even in small tanks.

Use of Anti Bacterial Agents to make the tank Bacteria free.

Not possible.

ISO certified, Approved and Recognised by Hospitals, Govt. and Private corporate.

No such data available.


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